SWOT Analysis


UR Career consultants will analyse your personality by doing SWOT analysis. If you look at yourself using the SWOT framework, you can start to separate yourself from your peers, and further develop the specialized talents and abilities you need to advance your career.


SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

SWOT is very powerful tool as it highlights your uncover opportunities for work that you may never knew existed. And by understanding your weaknesses, you can manage and eliminate threats that might otherwise hurt your ability to move forward.

How to conduct a SWOT analysis

We will ask a number of questions about each of the four areas being examined. You must be very honest about yourself: the areas in which you are good at and of course the areas, which you need to improve. The analysis will automatically fail if you are not being truthful to us. Be Realistic.


  What is the level of your Education?

  What is your biggest achievement on which you feel proud?

  What are your professional skills?

  What are your Technical skills (Writing, Programming, Network, Web, TelCom, etc.)?

  How you feel you are different from others. (in terms of qualification/ certifications/ publications etc.)?

  What are your personal characteristics?

  What do other people ask you for help on?

  How strong is your network of connections?

  What are your soft skills (Facilitation, Team Building, Management, Presentation, Writing, Editing, Training, etc.)?


  What are your negative traits in terms of professionally or in your personality?

  What tasks do you generally avoid?

  In which area of work you loses your confidence (in terms of qualification or trainings etc) ?

  How other people define your weaknesses?

  What is your reason of failure?

  Think about your most unpleasant experiences in your past and think about whether some aspect of your personal or professional life could be a root cause.

  Do you have any limited resources, such as time or money?

  Do you have a weak network of connections that will hurt your chances of success?


In this section, UR Career consultants will analyse the external factors which will give your career a new direction or helping you to find a new job. We will work on following factors:

  Do you need training of new technologies that can really help in your career? We will find institutions which will provide you the best training courses.

  Do you need to increase your education level? We will help you to find a suitable course which will enhance your educational skills.

  We will help you to update with new government policies related to your field.

  We will help you in understanding the market trends and demand.

  We will develop your personality so that you can be easily noticed in a crowd.

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In this section, we will examine, what external factors could hurt you in finding a new job or in choosing/changing a career. We will work on the obstacles that you might get faced in your career. Here, we will also ask you few questions:

  Is your organization changing its policies and adapting new technologies which may affect your job profile/career?

  Do you have any family obligations that will reduce your chances of finding a new job/career?

  Are there any new professional standards which you cannot meet?

  Are you facing a strong competition for the types of jobs you are best suited for?

  What are the current problems that you are facing at work?

  Is your job role changing?

  Could any of your weaknesses lead to threats?.