22 Jan 2019

Employability and Career Development Learning, Warwick


This course is suitable for anyone involved in the design and delivery of employability and career development programmes for students. Such programmes can go under a variety of names, including: employability, skills development, career management or career education. They can be based in the curriculum or outside the curriculum. The distinctive elements are that there is a focus on the employability and career development of students and the programme consists of more than one session, eg more than one group work. The course is suitable for beginners and experienced staff.

The focus is on enhancing the teaching and facilitation of career development learning. We will cover learning theories, course design, content, assessment and evaluation. We will provide you with practical examples to test and try out. Gradually, and with our support, you will begin to construct a series of sessions in face-to-face and/or online contexts. You will go away with a new or revised programme to support the employability and career development of your students.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the course, participants should be able to:
• Discuss the theoretical basis of employability and career development learning, its rationale and delivery in practice
• Describe institutional context and relevant organisational issues
• Develop learning outcomes
• Design, negotiate, implement, evaluate and assess a programme of employability and career development learning
• Creatively integrate theory and professional practice, communicate in written form and work with others in this field.

This three day residential course is delivered by The University of Warwick in collaboration with AGCAS; it is an optional module of the CEIGHE MA/PG Diploma. CEIGHE registrants are supported by materials and resources from both the AGCAS and The University of Warwick’s websites.

Whilst the course is attended by registrants as part of the AGCAS/Warwick CEIGHE qualification it is also open to non-registrants whose course support and materials will be provided solely by AGCAS.

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