About Us

UR Career helps you to plan your future career, guides you to get your dream job and advices you for a career change to get complete job satisfaction. We help individual clients to develop their careers by making good career decisions, and organisations to develop their people.

Our Values

We help our clients in developing their skills required to manage their career more effectively

We understand our client’s situation thoroughly by doing SWOT analysis. We analyse our client’s career strengths and weaknesses and depending on what they really want, we offer opportunities for work/career which they may never knew existed. This analysis helps our client to know more about where their talents lie. In this way, we maximize our chances to provide an effective and targeted help.

We help our clients to find complete job satisfaction in their career. We win our clients trust and honesty by solving their problems effectively and maintaining it confidential. We work with people at all stages from early career through to retirement. We work on the basis of client’s need and their requirements.

We are not just making money. We always trying to make sure that our clients would gain value from our advice at a price they can afford.